The idea

We believe fashion is everywhere around us and that anyone can share what he or she is wearing.
A look reflects a lot of things and the way the clothes are matched together can dramatically change one's style. With lly, we want to provide a new and easy way of finding what to wear.
Browse the looks posted by the users, see what matches with what and how different people dress all around the world! Find new ideas, and in turn, share with others what you wear.
Want more? We will be happy to discuss with you about our product as the application will be a work in progress till we all agree it is the best.

Let's spread fashion inspiration!

 The team

Fashion, social and simplicity are our values. We build lly with this in our mind

  • Fashion: bring fashion to your pocket. By fashion we mean street fashion, everyday fashion, fashion you can wear and share
  • Social: has all the features needed to be part of an online community, easily find and follow people whose style you appreciate
  • Simplicity: minimise the interactions needed to do something, make things run like a breeze and saves you time

Dream while listening "Where I want to be..California", and then code on "Daft Punk - Alive 2007"

The lly team